¡TODOS A COMER! A Mexican Food Alphabet Book

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Mexican food has become very popular in the United States. This award winning bilingual children’s alphabet book on Mexican foods will help children learn their alphabet while also learning more about the ingredients and procedures for preparing many delicious meals. It may be used as a read-aloud, shared reading, or independent reading in the upper elementary grades. Its purpose is twofold: to build background about Mexican food and to provide further discussion or extension of learning.

La gastronomía mexicana se ha popularizado mucho en los Estados Unidos. Este abecedario sobre la comida mexicana no solo ayudara los niños aprender su abecedario sino aprender más sobre los ingredientes y procedimientos de preparar las muy deliciosas comidas. Puede ser utilizado para la lectura oral o para la lectura compartida o para la lectura en pareja o independiente en los grados 4º y 5º. Tiene un doble propósito: el desarrollar el conocimiento sobre la comida mexicana y el desarrollar del tema o la extensión del aprendizaje.



8 x 8 | 36 pp. | 30 color photo pages


ISBN-13 978-0-9822422-2-3


ISBN-13 978-0-9822422-6-1




ILBA Award Winning Author small  2017 International Latino Book Awards – Winner, Best Latino Focused Children’s Picture Book 

dragonfly  2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards – 2nd Place Cultural Diversity category


Midwest Book Review

“The Bilingual Shelf – Todos a Comer! A Mexican Food Alphabet Book is a bilingual, softcover English/Spanish alphabet book featuring traditional Mexican cuisine (in mouth-watering, full-color photography!) for each letter of the alphabet. “Uu is for uvas. Grapes are used to prepare salads and desserts. In the Hispanic culture, it is a custom to eat twelve grapes to welcome the new year. Does your family have this custom?” A picture glossary of Mexican cooking utensils rounds out this delightful ABC book, ideal for reading aloud and sharing with young children.” Visit Website

Mommy Maestra

¡Todos a comer! A Mexican Food Alphabet Book is so much fun. It includes one food or dish for each letter of the Spanish alphabet (with the exception of W). The layout of each page consists of a delicious picture with Spanish text on the top and English on the bottom. The photos are colorful and feature some of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine. There are history lessons embedded in the short descriptions that will give parents additional topics to discuss. Families with young children should have a growing collection of books at home to be read over and over to their little ones. And for those with children learning to read, a set of alphabet books – or abecedarios – are a must! They allow children to see how letters are used in different ways and how they make up the basis of our language. Alphabet books develop literacy skills and help prepare children to begin the process of learning to read. So it is imporant to have abecedarios that are fun, colorful, and engaging. ¡Todos a comer! does just that. Visit Website

Platypire Reviews

“I read this book with my 7-year-old nephew and he gave it 5 Platypires. He said he enjoyed this book and liked that it was in English and in Spanish. He liked learning about all the different foods from Mexico some of which he has eaten. He said he plans on reading this book to his younger brothers so they can learn as well. Personally, I thought it was fun to read the book in both languages. I also enjoyed learning about all the different foods. I liked how the pictures were all colorful and when we stumbled over a word we could find the translation pretty easily.
Overall, I would recommend this book to those who are in a bilingual home.” Visit Website


Mexican food has transcended borders and has achieved great success in the United States marketplace. It is, therefore, critically important that children of all nationalities learn more about the ingredients and procedures in preparing the very delicious Mexican dishes.
It is also important that Hispanic children, in particular, read more about their culture for a better understanding of the important contributions of their ancestors to the American way of life. In so doing, they will thus gain greater appreciation of their culture and take greater pride in themselves, in their people, and in their history.
This alphabet book on Mexican food may be used as a read-aloud or for shared reading as well as for paired or independent reading. Its purpose is twofold: to build background about Mexican food and to provide further discussion or extension of learning. It must be noted, however, that this is an alphabet book, not a dictionary, and as such, it only includes one food or dish for each letter of the Spanish alphabet except the ‘w.’ It is suggested that the teacher or parent ask the child to provide more examples of other foods for each letter as they share the book.
Each food description is followed by a question which may be used to solicit an oral response as part of an oral language discussion or as a written response to the reading. In addition, this book may be also used as a reference source on Mexican food. Most importantly, we hope that this book will be useful for the bilingual classroom and, at the same time, we greatly hope that you will also enjoy it as well.


La comida mexicana ha transcendido fronteras y ha logrado gran éxito en el mercado de los Estados Unidos. Es por eso que es sumamente importante que los niños de todas las nacionalidades aprendan más sobre los ingredientes y los procedimientos de preparar las muy deliciosas comidas mexicanas.
Es también importante que los niños hispanos, en particular, lean más sobre su cultura para un mayor entendimiento de las contribuciones importantes de sus antepasados a la cultura americana. Por lo tanto, lograrán así más apreciación de su cultura y sentirán más orgullo de sí mismos, de su gente y de su historia.
Este abecedario sobre la comida mexicana puede ser utilizado para la lectura oral o compartida tanto como para la lectura en pareja o independiente. Tiene un doble propósito: el desarrollar el conocimiento sobre la comida mexicana y el desarrollar del tema o la extensión del aprendizaje. Sin embargo, se debe aclarar que este libro es un abecedario y no un diccionario y es por eso que sólo incluye una comida o platillo para cada letra del alfabeto en español excepto la ‘w.’ Se le sugiere al maestro(a) o al padre de familia que al leer el libro le pida al niño que provea más ejemplos de otras comidas para cada letra.
Cada descripción de comida es acompañada por una pregunta por la cual se le pueda pedir al alumno una respuesta oral como parte de un desarrollo del idioma oral o como una tarea escrita como respuesta a la lectura. Además, este libro también puede ser utilizado como fuente de referencia sobre la comida mexicana. Más importante á un, es nuestro gran deseo que este libro sea útil para el aula bilingüe y que a la vez también sea de su más completo agrado.